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Looking for reliable asphalt paving in The Triangle? Whether you're in Raleigh, Durham, or a neighboring town, you can count on ABC Paving for exceptional workmanship at a fair and honest price. We're the fully insured team of paving contractors that will provide you with smooth parking lot or driveway no matter what the conditions. Whether you're adding pavement for the first time on a brand-new lot or you need to repair or repave a cracked driveway, call ABC Paving for some of the best work around. We have a long list of asphalt, blacktop, and sealcoating materials available to meet your needs. We're the asphalt paving company you want on your side for an attractive, durable driveway or parking lot. Call or e-mail us today to get started!

What sets ABC Paving apart from other asphalt paving companies in the area? Here's a list of just some of our greatest attributes:

We've been a family-owned paving company for three generations!

We are highly rated locally by loyal customers.

We provide fair pricing for all of our jobs, including asphalt paving.

We offer generous discounts for seniors, military members, and churches.

We let you pick and choose your materials to fit your budget and needs.

We can tackle asphalt paving services of all sizes. There's no driveway too big or too small!

At ABC Paving, our local paving contractors can handle every aspect of your commercial or residential asphalt paving, including repaving and repairing. To ensure the best results possible, we'll do all of the grading, excavating, and drainage system installation required for any new driveway or paving project. We'll use a state-of-the-art asphalt paver and machinery to deliver a flawless finish that makes your driveway or blacktop look excellent. Plus, with our owner on site and supervising all of our asphalt paving services, you can rest assured you're getting truly satisfactory work.


ABC Paving offers some of the most experienced asphalt paving services in Raleigh, Durham, and surrounding areas. This paving company has been in our family for over three generations, which means the art of asphalt paving is second nature to us. Our asphalt paving contractors are dedicated to all aspects of the trade, which means you're left with nothing short of exceptional work and long-lasting results. Our asphalt paver services are second to none in the area.

Ready to work with local driveway paving contractors who care about your satisfaction? Whether it's for new paving, repaving, or repairs, we can help. Call ABC Paving today to discuss your needs or to schedule an appointment!

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